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sculpture, outdoor sculpture, copper, copper sheet metal, kimono,
Copper sheet, copper mesh, iron, wood, brass, plastic, stone
76" h x 65" w x 36" d

Wafuku means clothing in Japanese. The kimono is the most recognized type of wafuku and considered the Japanese national costume.

For hundreds of year, the styling of the kimono has evolved into an elevated art form combining decorative elements, symbolism and practicality. The Japanese love of nature is reflected most beautifully in the kimono. The seasons are represented by butterflies, cherry blossoms, Japanese maple, bamboo, pine trees, plum blossoms and chrysanthemums. The kimono that inspired me has chrysanthemums – the Japanese symbol for longevity and rejuvenation.

I chose copper to honor the essence of nature and the iconic art of the kimono in a durable, warm and lasting material. Just as the kimono styling has evolved through the years, I hope to see the copper patina and change the overall effect of the sculpture.